Hello, Mumbai!

Welcome to Mumbaikar.com! Want to know who we are? We are you, Mumbaikar. We live here, we’re not from here but settled in fine, used to live here but miss the vibe, away and pining to return… you get the drift. We’re here because we are Mumbai, and Mumbai is us.

Hello Mumbai, Hello Mumbaikars

She’s defined with adjectives, praised with pride and criticised from concern. She’s not what she is because she was stitched together from a clump of islands, christened after a goddess, built from brick and mortar, and made rich by enterprise and ingenuity. She is what she is because of her people—aptly and famously called Mumbaikars.

She’s shiny because she’s the abode of stars and home to glassy towers. She’s polluted because her people can be careless and her keepers care less. She’s industrious because Mumbaikars are devoted to work and tied to routine. She’s sleepless because people here spend the most time working and the rest of it waking. She’s progressive because she doesn’t care where people and ideas migrate from, rather what good they do. She’s rich because a handful fulfilled their great Mumbai dream; middle class because many are getting there; poor because most never will. She’s crowded because they keep coming, not wanting to leave, until there’s nothing to gain or everything to lose.

Mumbai is what Mumbaikars make her, and make of her. And Mumbai can be what Mumbaikars want it to be.

Mumbaikar.com is a small step to make Mumbai the best she can be—through stories about people that inspire, issues that demand insight and problems that seek resolutions. Let’s speak in one voice. Let’s be heard.

Mumbaikar.com has lots to do and much to say. What about you?